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I don’t have any agendas. I am not selling any product or service or recipe. I do not get any commission from the links I put up here. I am not affiliated to any food industry or pharmaceutical company. It is my wish that by not gaining anything out of this, you will believe what I present in these pages. If I were to benefit in future when I need a source of income, I’ll disclose it clearly. Right now I am doing this out of my passion for health.

I am biased towards a nutrient-dense, animal based, low-carb diet, simply because it enables me to maintain optimal health and so have many others who are ahead of me in this.

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There is a rise in Modern Chronic Illnesses since 1990 even though dietary guidelines were introduced in Singapore from 1988 (earliest I can find)

In 1995 they introduced the Healthy Food Pyramid. A revision was made in 2009. The latest My Healthy Plate was introduced in 2014.

Despite such guidelines, the prevalence of Chronic Illnesses are NOT coming down but rising.
Is it because people are not following them OR
is it because the guidelines are incorrect?

If you have been following the guidelines diligently like me but not enjoying the best of health, or worse, become diabetic or have other chronic illnesses, I think it's time for you to try something different.

How my health improved greatly with a simple change to My Healthy Plate

I used to eat like this

Most of my lunch and dinner consist of 1 bowl of white rice, 1 serving of meat and 2 servings of vegetables, even before the HPB's healthy plate came about in 2014

Then I switch to this

After PM Lee's message on cutting down rice and switching to brown rice, I reduce to 1/2 bowl of white/brown rice for lunch and 1/2 bowl of brown rice for dinner. I added 1 serving of vegetables for lunch

After cutting out rice totally for dinner since April 2019

I stop seeing a doctor for medicine

My recoveries from infections are shortened and the symptoms are mild.

I become fat adapted, rarely feel hungry and have better energy levels throughout the day.

Since Jan 2020 I eat like this for breakfast



By cutting 3 servings of my rice intake daily, my health improved. This is the power of a Low-Carb Diet.

This is the healthy plate from Health Promotion Board

As vegetables and fruits are classified under carbohydrates, this is not much different from the previous food pyramid. They are still recommending that 75% of your food intake comes from carbs. In fact, if you read the details in the factsheet, you will notice that they recommend 5-7 servings of Brown RIce & Wholemeal Bread for people from 19 to 50 years old. 1 serving is equivalent to 2 slices of bread or 1/2 bowl of rice. I only take 2 servings nowadays.

Since vegetables and fruits contain good carbs, 50% of your food intake coming from this group means you already fulfill the purely carbs portion. Replacing the brown rice & wholemeal bread with a duplicate portion of animal meat & organs will make this a truly healthy plate. But if you really have to take rice, choose brown rice.

Notice they did not draw any meat in the blue quarter? That’s because they think that animal meat has ‘bad’ saturated fats. I will clear this misconception in my section on Saturated Fats. 

I will also point out the ‘outdated’ recommendations in the factsheet for My Healthy Plate in the link below.

What are the 4 pillars of Health?

Right Diet

Do I really need to avoid foods that are high in Cholesterol?

Are Saturated Fats harmful or beneficial?

Are Vegetable Oils really Heart Healthy?

How toxic and addictive is Sugar?

Are all Carbohydrates bad?

Why are Processed Foods unhealthy?

Isn't a Balanced Diet about eating everything in moderation?

Regular Exercise

What kind of exercise should I do?

Do I need to do strength training?

How long and how intense should my exercise be?

Should Athletes worry about a high-carb diet?

Can I exercise away a bad diet?

Rest & Recovery

How much sleep do I need in a day?

Can I catch up on my sleep during weekends?

Is snoring a precursor to something else?

What important processes take place during sleep?

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

How many meals per day is ideal?

Can I snack whenever I like?

Why shouldn't I eat 3 hours before bedtime?

What are the benefits of fasting?

What are some harmful habits?

What supplements should I take?

Challenging conventional dietary recommendations

Did you know that Insulin Resistance is the underlying cause of many Modern Chronic Illnesses?

Watch the YouTube video by Prof Tim Noakes to have a basic understanding of the relationship between insulin resistance and a high carbohydrate diet.

Jake's Formula to achieve Optimal Health and Longevity can be as easy as 12-3-4

The Benefits

Reversal and prevention of modern chronic illnesses

Improvements in Bio markers

Faster recoveries from normal infections

Fat-adapted body produces ketones for energy to reduce risk of neuro-degenerative diseases

Wide variety of Real Food choices

Flexible and sustainable

Cheat meals permitted as long as they don't cause you to return to your old dietary habits

A diet plan is only successful if it is sustainable

Low-Carb diet is easy to achieve when you eat real foods

Flexibility of Intermittent Fasting to fit your daily schedule

Choose from full variety of non-starchy vegetables, meat (include organs), seafood, dairy, eggs etc

Minimal restrictions for maximal results

Everything fits nicely into Jake's Formula

Since Insulin Resistance is main cause of Chronic Diseases, my formula keeps Insulin levels low

Animal products are more nutrient dense and satiable compared to plant based products

My formula will make your body burn fats for fuel instead of using glucose, producing ketones which are beneficial for the brain

My formula is best for endurance athletes because it makes your body fat-adapted

Eat when your schedule allows and not because you are hungry

Fasting and Low-Carb go hand in hand

And the best part is:
it's ALL FREE!

I learn everything from the internet for free. I want YOU to benefit so you can spread the message to all your contacts. Everyone should be entitled to an alternative method to manage his/her health and illness.

All I ask for is for you to help me spread the message to as many people as you can because someone out there might need this knowledge to help them return to normal weight and health.

If you are keen to join me in this endeavour, kindly fill in the following with a short message and I will get back to you. Thank you in advance!

If you have a personal story to share, please get in touch with me too.