1st anniversary of being free of illness

Today marks my 1st anniversary of being free of illness that warrants a visit to the doctor. Yippee! (I used to fall sick 3 to 4 times annually)

All thanks mainly to my low-carb diet and partly to my Intermittent Fasting(IF). I fell sick from 15-18 Apr 2019 even though I was already doing IF. I only started low-carb from September. It’s not because of less stress. In fact, I was actually very stressed last quarter of 2019 because my Chinese teacher quit before our annual concert and we couldn’t find a replacement in time.

My recovery from infections is much shorter nowadays, usually within 2 days and very mild. I used to get throat infection from nasal back drip, sore throat until lost my voice, ulcers in mouth for no reason. Not anymore.

I believe if I were to get Covid-19, the symptoms will be mild and I will recover quickly, just like other virus infections because my immune system is in an optimal state. This is my way of being socially responsible. I hope I won’t need to be hospitalised if I were to get Covid-19 and strain the healthcare system further.

This is the best time to start getting healthier, especially for those with underlying conditions. Why is low-carb so effective in boosting our immune system? Because excess glucose weakens our immune system, increases insulin production and so on. Long story. Wait for my blog.

Follow my recommendations in my previous post (https://www.facebook.com/jakegoh/posts/10157516586738423) to help your elders boost their immunity. It will also reverse their conditions or keep it under control. No medications. Just low-carb without any side-effects.

Take care and wish you best of health!