My 50th Birthday Wish(es)

I thank God for allowing me to live a blessed life for the past 50 years. I thank my beloved wife Wendy for her love and companionship and bearing 2 amazing children Marcus and Marie.

I have been living a selfish life all these years, taking care of myself and my loved ones only. Going forward, I hope to change this. I can’t help with money, but I can certainly give you my time. They say “Time is Money”, so same same right? Read somewhere that it’s more meaningful to give time than gifts to someone as you can’t get it back.

God willing, I would like to dedicate the next half of my life towards helping people achieve optimal health and longevity by making simple changes to their diet, lifestyle and exercise. I hope to launch my website within a year.

So my birthday wish is that all my loved ones, relatives, friends and their loved ones will eat right and age strong together with me. I also wish to be the ‘Low-Carb Ambassador’ of Singapore (can have more than 1 wish right? many years never wish already?)

Thank you everyone for your well wishes! ?? If I missed thanking you personally, please send again so I can thank you. ?

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