Hello! I am Health Coach

Jake Goh

I lead an active lifestyle and practise Intermittent Fasting together with a Low-Carb diet to maintain optimal health.

I received my Health Coach Certification with ACE on 30 Jun 2021.

I have not seen a doctor for medicine since 18 April 2019 (other than Covid positive from 28 Mar to 2 Apr 2022)

I used to fall sick at least 3 to 4 times annually. Nowadays, my recovery from infections is much shorter, usually within 2 days and my symptoms are very mild. I used to get throat infection from nasal back drip, sore throat until I lost my voice, ulcers in my mouth for no reason. Not anymore.

I attribute my health improvements mainly to my low-carb (LC) diet and partly to Intermittent Fasting (IF). As such, I’d like to share my success with all of you.

Even though I did not take any CV19 jab, I had very mild symptoms during my Covid infection, mainly sore throat (10 days) and body aches (5 days), slight fever 38.1 deg on Day 2. I was negative on Day 6. I am a living proof that a robust immune system is superior to any vaccine.


To educate the public about the importance of cholesterol and healthy fats in our diet and the toxic effects of sugar (includes carbohydrates and refined carbs), seed oils, processed foods to our bodies. To promote regular exercise and sufficient rest and recovery. To encourage people to develop healthy lifestyle habits. To present a balanced view of controversial topics so that you can make an informed choice.


I hope to achieve the following outcomes through my outreach:

  1. Proper food in institutions such as hospitals, schools and army camps
  2. Reduction in Modern Chronic Illnesses (MCI) in the years to come


I don’t have any agendas. I am not selling any product or service or recipe. I do not get any commission from the links I put up here. I am not affiliated to any food industry or pharmaceutical company.  It is my wish that by not gaining anything out of this, you will believe what I present in these pages. If I were to benefit in future when I don’t have an income anymore, I’ll disclose it clearly. I might then start charging for personal consultation. 

Scope of knowledge

I will be focusing first on chronic illnesses here, that is, those that require a period of time to develop, usually due to lifestyle choices and improper diet. I hope that you will be able to reverse or stop the progression of your illness, or at least slow down the progression.

There are so many conflicting studies out there, why should you believe in what I present here? Because I dive deep into the biochemistry and look at some of the data in these studies to see the real results, not just what is reported by the researchers because they could be biased, depending on who funded their research, unfortunately.

50% of studies out there are untrue. I’m sharing what worked for me, my family, and friends who tried it. And many others whom I came across in other websites and videos that I watched. Nobody I know reported adverse effects of a low-carb diet. The movement is gaining traction. The CEO of American Diabetes Association leads by example by managing her diabetes with a low-carb diet. All the doctors and people listed in my reference list are practising a low-carb lifestyle.

If we believe in Science, we should be curious when there are some new discoveries. We should not dismiss these findings just because we already have our own beliefs. 

We are all victims of the many lies from food industries and pharmaceutical companies. I will try my best to highlight the controversies and back up the truths with science.


My approach to living better is based on 3 key premises:

  1. We are what we eat 病从口入
  2. Prevention is better than cure 预防胜于治疗
  3. Chronic illness needs chronic diet to treat, not medications

If you are looking for alternative methods of controlling your chronic illness, you have come to the right place. I’ll explain how diet can reverse the conditions listed on this site. You have nothing to lose, except very likely a few kilos and your medications. Try at least for a month and see if your health improves. Depending on how drastic you want to change your diet, you may see results in as early as 1 to 2 weeks. There is no harm going low-carb because carbohydrate is not an essential macro nutrient, as I will show in one of the pages.

I have empowered you with the knowledge to take charge of your health. Now it is up to you to find out more and to implement whichever approach to restore your health.


DO NOT stop your medications without FIRST consulting with your doctor. I repeat. DO NOT stop your medications on your own accord. Instead, check with your doctor what kind of markers are needed to get you off your medications and work towards that. Once your markers are reached, you can bargain with your doctor to remove or reduce your medications.

Running Achievements

Distance (km)TimingAge

Omron Body Scale Measurements 13/04/21

Weight65.6 kg
Body Fat11.2%Normal 11.0 – 21.9
Muscle40.6%High 39.2 – 43.8
Resting Metabolism1501
Body Age34Actual 51
Visceral Fat2Normal <=9

Latest Blood Test 13/04/2021

Lipid Profile 
 mg/dLOptimal rangemmol/LOptimal range
TRI/HDL0.55<=1.80.24<= 0.8
Other Body Markers
Blood Pressure110/7090/45 – 140/90
Fasting Glucose5.4%3.9 – 6.1%
Hb A1c5.2 mmol/L4.5 – 6.4 mmol/L
C-Reactive Protein0.40.0 – 5.0 mg/L

Gut Microbiome Report 18/07/20

Level 1Level 2Level 3Rating (Good, Average, Poor)Remarks
Diversity IndexGood
Think Well – 70%Brain HealthGABAGoodSufficient GABA produced naturally
SerotoninAverageSufficient amount produced to keep body happy.
Live Well – 50%Heart HealthPoorHigh TMAO due to high meat diet, hence high risk of CVD.
Gut HealthTrytophanGoodLarge amount of tryptophan produced to keep body functioning well.
Indole & Indole derivativesAverageEnough indole to maintain gut lining health.
Liver HealthAverageBile acid pool size large enough to keep gut microbiome in check.
Feel Well – 80%Food MetabolismCarbohydratesGoodVery efficient at digesting carbs and harvesting energy from carbs.
ProteinsGoodVery efficient at digesting proteins and harvesting energy from proteins.
FatsGoodVery efficient at digesting fats and harvesting energy from fats.
Energy HarvestButyrateGoodEnough to keep satiety levels normal and maintain gut lining.
Lactate toleranceGoodHigh tolerance to exercise strain.

CT Coronary Calcium Score 07/12/20

ArteryNo. of LesionsVolume (mm3)Equiv. Mass (mg CaHA)Calcium Score

Reference Norms of Calcium Score
0No Identifiable Calcification
1-10Minimal Identifiable Calcification
11-100Mild Calcification
101-400Moderate Calcification
>401Significant Calcification