I’ve been listening to YouTube and podcasts by the following people:

Prof Tim Noakes (sports science)

Dr Nadir Mir Ali (cardiologist)

Dr Jason Fung (type 2 diabetes expert)

Dr Eric Berg (chiropractor)

Dave Fedman (cholesterol expert)

Brian Sanders (health coach & film maker of Food Lies)

Dr Paul Mason (sports medicine physician)

Dr Mark Hyman (functional medicine physician – “Food is medicine”)

Dr Ted Naiman (family medicine physician)

and many more…

I’ve read the following books:

The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance

Primal Endurance

Metabolic Autophagy

Alzheimer’s Antidote

The End of Alzheimer’s

The Big Fat Surprise

Low Cholesterol Leads to an Early Death

My most trusted websites:
Diet Doctor (A low carb / keto site)


The Weston A. Price Foundation